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Hey, I’m Stew Frick


Meet the artist: Stew is a Pittsburgh based artist who works primarily with clothing. They use a combination of hand painting and sewing patchwork to create wearable art. With experience in band merchandise, brand collaborations, and custom pieces, Stew has a multifaceted background & is always looking to expand their artistic horizons. Want in? Contact us!

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- pablo picasso


Ethically Sourced

In using second hand and vintage clothing, I do what I can to not add to the cycle of terrible labor practices.  

Creatively Driven

It’s impossible to capture my full artistic process in a blurb. To learn more about this process and particular pieces, go check out my blog.

Reliably Crafted

Using paint on clothing is an inherently delicate process. To avoid this, there are steps I take to make my clothes as durable as possible, such as using the correct mediums and waterproofing after painting.


-Stew Frick.