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Piece Profile: Visions in White's Woods

Stewart Frick

This piece is part of a mini-series all under the title of “Visions in White’s Woods” as a dedication to my time spent in a specific wooded area around my college town.  From 2014-2015, I suffered an extended psychotic break which caused, among other things, intense audio-visual hallucinations and breaks with reality. Because of this, existing on a college campus, around friends, and in classes became incredibly difficult.  I often searched for time to be alone and experience my mental breakdown in peace, away from the pressures of normality I faced in most of my life. This led to a few hideaways: the basement of my dorm, empty campus areas at night, but my favorite was always White’s Woods.  It was a decent walk from my dorm, but I often slept very little at night so it wasn’t very difficult to find time. The colors on this piece and the others in the series is obviously, overtly woods-y, but it is also a representation of the synesthetic experiences I had while letting my mind sink into the dirt among all the trees.  Rustling of raccoons, chirping crickets, and soft breezes through the leaves were some of the only things calming me and tethering me to reality in those moments, and I wanted to express those fond memories and experiences on a piece that I could easily wear into the similar outdoor environment. Thickly painted and waterproofed, this piece is made to last.  For sale now here.