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The Limitations Between Product Vs. Art

Stewart Frick

There is a lot of backstory behind many of my pieces that can be nigh-impossible to express properly through a short product description, or a title.  Oftentimes this backstory is what gives my pieces so much value to myself, and bolster the view I have of my work as wearable art. When presenting pieces as product, some of this artistic backdrop can be lost in the clinical terms: 100% cotton, acrylic on denim, powder blue unstructured cap?  These descriptions are necessary to describe what I make on a basic level, but don’t contain the full story. That is the reason I’ve decided to occasionally include these longer pieces of writing, on some of my favorite pieces. To both offer a more in-depth and personal organization of my thought process behind a piece, as well as give what are personally important works of art their proper spotlight, and give them the explanation I feel they deserve.