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Stew's Mission

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Our Promise to You


Hello, I’m Stew Frick.

I make wearable artwork using the canvas of clothing, and either painting or sewing my art onto the piece.  I began to teach myself how to paint and sew a little over two years ago, the culmination of a quiet, lifelong obsession with clothing and fashion.  I had often been heavily focused on high-end retail and luxury fashion at the time I began my artistic journey, but it left me unsatisfied to simply construct outfits around price and branding, in some ways sucking the functional and far-reaching possibilities from clothes.  

When the process of the larger fashion industry is often steeped in a lack of ethics and lack of artistic vision, we hold ourselves back from the beauty and excitement clothing can bring, and that is why I make what I make. I want to produce personally meaningful pieces, sourced ethically, created with care, and within a community that shares many of those same values.  

When you buy something from Sweet Tooth, you buy more than just the fabric and thread contained in the piece, you buy more than logistics chains, underpaid labor, and marketing photoshoots. Every piece I make is of and by myself, painted by my own hands, and with a bit of myself put in the process. These clothes mean the world to me, and I am simply excited to share what I have put so much time into creating.


Ethically Sourced

I work primarily in secondhand pieces, which means the generally horrid labor practices in the fashion industry are cut out of the equation. I would rather make an ethical product than create greater profit.

Creatively Driven

Everything I create is hand painted and created. No outsourced designing or fabrication. I create what I love, and usually what I would want to wear. Just know that if I made it, I care about it quite a bit.

Reliably Crafted

Using paint on clothing is an inherently delicate process. To avoid this, there are steps I take to make my clothes as durable as possible, such as using the correct mediums and waterproofing after painting.